Introducing Our Craft Subscription 🌈 - Maple Box Dolls

Introducing Our Craft Subscription 🌈

June 13, 2016

Introducing Our Craft Subscription 🌈

We are so excited to introduce to you the craft and recipe subscription box that is in tandem to our story time podcast! 

Gah!! So. much. fun!

I don't know about you, but I struggle to find things to do with my little ones to keep them occupied (and in order to keep them from tearing the house to shreds) so I try to come up with creative things to do (I'm laughing on the inside)

But let's face it..... it is REALLY hard to do!  I mean the giant glue bottle (that inevitably spills) the glitter.... everywhere ... the "oh shoot, where did I put the construction paper" and then realizing it has all been drawn all over 🙄

Yes we all want to make those amazing Pinterest crafts we see come across our Facebook feed... but can we all admit that it is WAY funner to watch a time lapse video of all the fun THEY are having instead of having to pull all the pieces together ourselves? 😒

Sweat no more!  We send you all the crafts and fun you can handle (and a recipe too) so that you can make crafts while you listen to the podcast stories 

OR make dinner while THEY listen to the podcast stories (hehe)

Who is this for? 

Boys and girls aged 4 - 9

Is this all you offer?

NO in the next few months we will offer a few more options and you will have the ability to upgrade or downgrade if you like.

Why does it say "only 50 left"  

We are starting with 50 subscriptions this month, so when its sold it it is sold out, but then we will open it back up for 50 more next month.  You can choose to be emailed when it is back in stock. 




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