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Thank you for visiting Maple Box Kids - We are undergoing a transformation. A bit about our message: America has 3% of the worlds kids, but 40% of the worlds toys, yet is ranked 14th in the worlds happiest countries report. Plastic is killing our planet slowly. Our plastics biodegrade within 3 years. Parents are so over clutter and cheap companies trucking in cheap products. Emotional health is just as important as physical health. We are constantly COLLECTING but never CONNECTING. We solve all of this by delivering experiences through recipes, food, songs, activities, emotional IQ curriculum and so much more directly to your doorstep. We deliver experiences that are PROVEN to release the love hormone Oxytocin which facilitates a deep bond between loved ones. Women only receive 2.14% of all venture funding for their companies. Our company will reverse that and grant women and minorities cash, connections and counseling when starting their company - because we have been there... and are fighting the battle.

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