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Craft + Recipe Box - 12 Pack

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For less than $8 a week receive all 12 crafts that correspond to the podcast stories that were aired.  (SEE PODCAST HERE)

Crafts like:

🍓A miniature peet planter with strawberry seeds and dirt for our story "Joyful Jenny and the Strawberry Patch"

🌈DIY foam rainbow and glitter refrigerator magnet for our story "Orderly Emma and the Rainbow You Can Keep in Your Pocket"

🛡Make your own dreamcatcher for our story "Courageous Kiono and the Magical Dreamcatcher"

This interactive podcast encourages families to make and create the crafts while listening to the story. 

Don't worry about finding all the paper and glue and glitter, take a break and relax while your kids listen and play.  It will become a ritual they will never forget

Each box includes 12 crafts and a fun letter and/or stickers and a recipe!

Podcasts are released on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays!

The podcast is free and anyone can listen!