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Our Gift To You Craft Box + Podcast


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Hey everyone, Shauna here!

I just wanted to truly take the time to say THANK YOU for your continued support and unwavering belief in Maple Box Dolls.  

The only way I know how to say thank you is by sending you a special gift. 

You are under no obligation at all for any purchase and the receiving of this gift does not mean you won't also receive your Joyful Jenny box when we begin shipping (because you will =) ). 

This is just a special little something for the interim. 

A shared connection and fun time between families is at the center of what Maple Box Dolls is all about,  that is why I have created for you a very special interactive Storytime Podcast for you to love and enjoy with your little ones for no charge......EVER  

And in addition to that I am ALSO sending you a box of crafts to enjoy that correspond to the first weeks podcast and can be made while relaxing and listening to the stories.  

The crafts keep little hands busy, and little minds imagining while listening to the stories.  PLUS they are really fun to create with your littles.  

You will not be charged anything, I am even paying for shipping. All you need to do is enter your shipping information. 

(NOTE:  When we ship Joyful Jenny, you will be asked again for your shipping information)

We are only allowing one per supporter, so if you accidentally click more than one box I will have to go in and delete and/or adjust for just one box per supporter (regardless of number of boxes pre bought)

Thank you again!  


Founder, Maple Box Dolls

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